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Geological Trail

The “Geological trail Lake Baldeney” is located in a particularly scenic part of the Ruhr Basin on the north bank of Lake Baldeney. It is approximately 10 km long and runs past rock faces and former quarries.

The sand, silt and mudstones with their coal seams date from the Carboniferous period (lat. carbo = coal) and were formed 300 million years ago. Spectacular fold structures, cracks, fractures and thrust faults in the rocks demonstrate the intense pressure deep inside the Earth.

The trail starts at the Kampmannbrücke "geological wall" with its typical Ruhr Carbon deposition of a series of layers of mudstone and sandstone as well as seams with an underclay. The Sutan thrust is exposed at the rock face on the site of the former Carl Funcke coal mine. It is an almost 100 km long thrust plane from Essen-Werden to Oelde/Westf. formed by older rocks which have been thrust more than six hundred metres over younger deposits. This is followed by the sandstone packages of the quarry below the “Korte Klippe” and the geological profile “Im Löwental”. The trail finishes at the former quarries of the Pastoratsberg in Essen-Werden where you can marvel at the impressive display of fold structures of the carbon. Numerous information boards - unfortunately for the time being only in German - are located along the trail.

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