Ruhr Museum

200 years Krupp. Visiting a myth

30th March 2012 until 6th January 2013

Daily from 10 am to 6 pm

Special exhibition of the Ruhr Museum

The history of the company and family Krupp is steeped in legend like the past of no other German industrial family is. It belongs to one of the most spectacular chapters of the German, in fact of the European history. In an exemplary way it shows the drama of the age of industrialisation - not just in the Ruhrgebiet. The name Krupp stands for pioneering spirit and inventiveness, the unwavering rise from modest circumstances to incredible dimensions, for dignity and human error, for hard work and gigantic products and as well for absolute solidarity and a sense of community.

The exhibition presents no less than 1500 exhibits from numerous lenders. Among them are portraits and personal objects of the members of the Krupp family, furnishings of the Villa Hügel as well as works of art and minerals from the Krupp family's collection. Important documents and contracts and legendary products of the company are exhibited: early cutlery, coining dies and rollers, railway rails and wheelset, cannon and projectiles, among them the famous "Dicke Berta". Furthermore the exhibition shows numerous photographs and film clips form the cosmos Krupp that were never before to be seen in such a way.

A classical audio guide with 67 stations, referring to the exhibits gives detailed information and can be lend in German and English language.

There is an extensive accompanying program to go with the exhibition including series of lectures about the history of the company and familiy Krupp, a panel discussion, a conversation with a conemporary witness, a former employee of the company, a film series with invaluable shots from the Krupp' cinematographic department as well as trips and journeys to original locations of the Krupp family in the whole of Germany.

The Essen Klartext publisher's launches a catalgue comprising ca. 480 pages and 500 illustrations for € 24,80.

Ruhr Museum, Zollverein A 14 [Shaft XII, Coal  Washing Plant]
Gelsenkirchener Straße 181
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