Ruhr Museum

From A to Z. Photography in the Ruhr Museum, Part 2

1st October 2012 until 14th April 2013

Daily from 10 am to 6 pm

Gallery exhibition of the Ruhr Museum

Taking a look behind the scenes is always very popular - the photographic archive of the Ruhr Museum opened cupboards and drawers and presents the most beautiful and exciting pictures from its collection. With three million photographs the museum is equipped with the region's largest and most beautiful photographic archive. The exhibition presents not-raised treasures and suprising finds as well as motives which are in demand again and again, several hundred examples from the museum's hundred-year tradition.

The second part of the exhibition continues with the chapters from K like "Klassiker" (German: classic) up to Z like "Zerfall" (German: decay). The chapter classic gathers motives, which enjoy great popularity with the visitors. "Manipulation" provides examples for image processing being used already before the first discussions about digital interference. "Montage" shows that pictures were artificially designed out of two or more picture copies already at a very early time. The press photography, represented in the collection on a large scale, comprises reports from the field of sports, politics and society. Examples of mainly free works by contemporary photographers can be visited as projects.

Besides the photography on duty of advertisement visitors can have a look at the factory-photography - both of them are genres which transport a message. In comparison with that the photography in the field of science is used for the purpose of documentation and the research.
In the chapter "time stop" the change of people and objects for a prolonged period of time becomes visible and the change of the photographs themselves over the course of time is presented in the last chapter "Zerfall".

Along with the opening of the second part of the exhibition the catalogue "From A to Z. Photography in the Ruhr Museum" is launched by the publishers of the Buchhandlung Walther König. It comprises 304 pages and over 300 illustrations and costs € 19,80. It is the first one in a series of catalogues about the Ruhr Museum's collections.

Ruhr Museum, Zollverein A 14 (Shaft XII, Coal Washing Plant)
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